The present global energy model based on the intensive use of fossil fuels for transportation and electricity generation is coming to an end. The depletion of fossil fuels resources and its continuous  prices escalation, along with the global warming, makes now more necessary than ever to rethink the need for a change in the energy model to  a safer, efficient and environmentally friendly sources.

There are other alternatives to fossil fuels that can help to change the energy model: Renewable Energies, traditional Nuclear Fission, Biomass, etc.. There are many options and all raise their advantages and disadvantages, but in no case exceed the efficiency of oil, gas or coal and in some cases, it requires very large investments or an extraordinary effort in safety and a responsible waste management, that not many countries can afford. 

In a global world we must find a global solution for a clean, safe and sustainable energy for all kind of countries, not just for the developed ones.

Fusion Technology is seen as the only alternative capable of supplying by itself the use of fossil fuels. Improving anything else on efficacy, safety, sustainability and respect for the environment.

In a recent publication ("Physics of the Future") in the chapter fusion power, it is said of the large and small laboratories, highlighting

...No doubt other enterprising scientsts and engineers will have their chance to turn their basement contraptions into the next mega invention.
Because fusion is such a well-defined process, several proposals have been made that are outside the usual mainstream of large-scale of funding but that still have some merit. 
In particular, some of them might one day achieve fusion on a tabletop
[Michio Kaku]

“Fossil fuels will be depleted in just a century, and we should not let releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere for more years. Humanity is forced to find other sources of energy profitable. 

The most promising new energy is nuclear fusion, the power of stars, the same as the Sun produces and supplies the life we know.”
[Eduard Punset]