What we have done

Up to date, there have designed more than 50 reaction models, it has been built 4 prototypes and conducted more than 640 controlled tests:

The first 4 models built have been conducted in an independent laboratory  (with lower load levels within the permitted threshold), and three trials condusted at UMA (Electricity lab ETSII-UMA) where they delivered a favorable feasibility report.

In late 2013, Pulsotron 2-B has passed a test results (repeteable) verification by an independent certification company to the ultimate test.

Next designs:

We count with 2 additional designs, based on the latest improvements, with higher load capacity.
  • Pulsotron-LoT:
    • Fully tested after 3 prototypes.
    • Designed to power ships and power plants over 10MW.
  • Pulsotron-HiT:
    • A mixed approach between Z-pinch,  and Fusor, taking the best of them.
    • Heats up the plasma to 300-600keV, 75 times hotter than any other fusion machine.
    • It compress the plasma also using electromagnetic waves.
    • We can reach the market sooner and can be used in small plants <10MW, and grids of plants.
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PrototypeResults / TargetActual Status
PrototypeResults / TargetActual Status
PULSOTRON 1A 1,26E9 [J·s/m3] Closed 
PULSOTRON 1B 2,52E9 [J·s/m3] Closed 
PULSOTRON 2A 2,3E11 [J·s/m3] Closed 
PULSOTRON 2B 1,74E+07 [A]; 7,74E+15 [Pa]; 9,29E+08 [Pa·s] Verified 
PULSOTRON 3 Ignition/Net gain Prototype Under design 
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