PULSOTRON is an experimental model of Compact Reactor for Nuclear Fusion based on a simplified Z-Pinch technology and the pulsed injection of fuel.

Latest News: Pulsotron Project is discontinued since 2.015. 

We want to thanks all our Followers and Supporters for all this years of patience and Faith... !!!

PUlsotron 300K Concept Desing 
The Next Generation.. (discontinued)

In the context of science and technology, public information can be found on the following pages:

  • Under Experiments, you can see the main technical advances, mainly with some design features and results.
  • Under News, you can get information on scientific publications and technical conferences related with PULSOTRON.
  • The Consortium section is the summary of the planned team of R & D; the objectives and activities around the main project.
  • Under Contribute, you can find the ways to participate in the Consortium, as a research group or company, in the current lines of action.
  • Finally, under Contact, there is a form to send us a message and see where we are.